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April 29, 2008 Update

Life is still hectic .... even tho pups are now with their new families! They are almost 4 months old now. Here is a brief update ..... look for more pictures in the future:

Copper Kettle (now Kluane) and Brown (now Niki/Nikolai) girls stayed with us (Anchorage, AK)

The other girls:
Light Blue (now Brownie) lives with Robyn, Mark and Porter in Anchorage
White (now Trinny) lives with Chad, Judy and Cynthia in Anchorage
Red/White/Blue (now Rosie) lives with Kay in Willow
Green (now Allie) lives with Brent, Tammi, Shane and Bailey in Kenai
Purple (now Aly) lives with Mike in Redmond, WA

The boys:
Red (now Yukon) lives with David, Pam, Kaylee and Jordan in Anchorage
Miriah (now Porter) lives with Tony and Christina in Anchorage
Navy Blue (now Blue) lives with Ed and Suellen in Sutton
Mexicana (now Noa/Noatak) lives with Michael, Maureen, James and Mary in Anchorage

February 17, 2008 Update

Puppies are now 6 weeks old.....we put some ramps and tunnels in play pen and also "introduced" puppies to deep snow.

Week Six (2/16/08) - 83.3 pounds

February 9, 2008 Update

Puppies are five weeks old today and very active. Inde is being a great mom. Following is the cummulative weights of the 11 pups on a week by week basis to give you an idea of how the puppies are growing:

Birth day (1/5/08) - 7.0 pounds
Week One (1/12/08) - 12.4 pounds
Week Two (1/19/08) - 20.3 pounds
Week Three (1/26/08) - 32.1 pounds
Week Four (2/2/08) - 44.8 pounds
Week Five (2/9/08) - 61.5 pounds

Look at the Inde/Bubba Puppies link for individual "stacked" front and side photos of each puppy. I say "stacked" because 5 week old puppies are busy and untrained!

January 21, 2008 Update

I created this website on 1/13 ... so it is a work in progress and my first solo attempt at creating a website!! My first focus will be pictures of the growing puppies, then information about their parents and ancestors.

Here is a little more information about the puppies: Inde and Bubba both have their health clearances. This breeding combines strong field (dual CH Rudy and many FC/AFC/QAA), strong conformation (multiple BIS/group placing dogs Target and Diamond Dust plus many other CH/group placers), high level obedience/rally (Inde earned 1 Canadian and 4 American All Breed High in Trials this summer and my UD dogs Shemya and Tok plus a few other CDX and UD dogs) and more recently some agility performers (those that have seen Inde run agility know that she really likes to go fast around the course and LOVES the game!!!). On a sentimental note, it also brings Tok back into our pedigree (he was my first born Ch/UD/JH/NA dog out of my first chessie Shemya ...... and he was with us for almost 16 years).



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